Greg at the Distillery District

Greg is a friend of mine from my bookstore days and when I first met him he was sporting platinum blonde dreadlocks and a snarky attitude. Now, he's a young professional, devoting his time to volunteering for political campaigns about which he feels so strongly. His fashion sense has become enviable and he, basically, looks hot as all fuck with a mind to match.

I propositioned Greg to model for me because I was bored and am always seeking new models and he agreed, if only to give his ego a harmless boost. I decided to shoot him at the Distillery District and it was a great choice not only because Greg looked great there, but because he loved he area, too.

The following are the photos I took of Greg while we chewed the fat, caught up on each other's lives and basically wondered why we hadn't kept in touch more often over the years.

All photos were taken with my Nikon D3000.

Lychee at Graffiti Alley

When I returned from my big Euro-trip, I thought I'd be tired of looking at the world through my camera. When I went through all my photos, I realised I did not see the world though my camera as much as I thought. There were far fewer photos than I expected and I suppose that is a good thing because it means I was over there taking in everything instead of archiving it for later.

As a result, once home I found myself itching to get behind the camera again and capture my favourite subejcts: humans. Lychee, of course volunteered, and we ventured down to Graffiti Alley on Queen West (both our first times there) on a lovely, sunny day for some awesome photos with one of my favourite people to photograph ever.

Here are the photos, all taken with my Nikon D3000.



Maximum Capacity

Earlier this year, I wrote an article for Shameless magazine's Fashion Issue where I interviewed a drag king called Maximum Capacity (take a moment to wallow in the perfection of that name, please).

I took it upon myself to take some photos of Max as well to accompany the article and now that the issue has finally been released, I am happy to reveal the photos from our shoot as well.

I know what Max must be thinking: "About fucking time." I know, I know -- apologies!


New Orleans -- The Quaint Ol' Southern City

Those who know me well have known for years how much I have been dying to visit New Orleans. My inexplicable love for all things pertaining to the Deep South made this desire inevitable, but I kept putting it off hoping to find someone to go with me. Unfortunately, everyone I knew (and know) has been too afraid/unwilling to visit the Big Easy, so this year I said "Fuck it!" and decided to go by myself.

I initially intended to go for the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival, but a job opportunity came up that forced me to reschedule for late April. Nothing was going to stop me from going. I was nervous as hell because it was my first time traveling all by myself and to a city with a bad reputation for crime, but once there, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that New Orleans is full of the kindest people I've ever seen. I always thought Toronto was a friendly city, but New Orleans takes the cake.

My time there was spent walking all over the French Quarter and meeting up with some people I befriended online and seeing some of the other neighbourhoods, as well. I finally got to eat a real, authentic po'boy and loved it; got drunk every night and happily wandered the streets with an open drink in my hand; ate, drank and shopped at restaurants and shops where my favourite writers had eaten, drank and shopped; and for the first time in my life regretted having to come home.

Accompanied only with my iPhone and Konica TC-X, I took hundreds of photos which I have displayed here in a big, messy pile. I can't wait to go back again -- in fact, I've already decided I will not let anything stop me from returning next March for the Tennessee Williams festival!

Film used was mostly Fuji Superia 400, Lomography 400 and Lomography 800.

Leo Plays Guitar For Me

I met Leo when I was 18 or 19 years old and worked at a discount movie theatre downtown. Leo started working about a year after I started and I was immediately in love with him: honest-to-goodness, madly in love with him; my first love.

He did not reciprocate my feelings, but we ended up becoming great friends anyway with me putting aside my unrequited feelings in favour of having this man in my life. I thought he was the fucking bee's knees. He was creative, intelligent, well-read, artistic -- traits I never expected to exist in a real man. It's no surprise I fell for him as hard as I did.

It's been nearly 10 years since we met and we've discussed and laughed about my girlhood feelings for him while still maintaining a fucked up friendship where we fight like an old married couple every time we meet, but think of each other randomly when we're apart. He also has had a special place in my heart and will continue to for ever, I think, and I just hope he knows this.

We met up recently after not seeing each other for three years and got stoned, fought and cursed before Leo set up his guitar and played me some of the most beautiful music ever created. Here are some photos from that impromptu session which I'm really proud of and hope he likes, as well.