Caturday: Remembering Whiskers

It's been just over a year since I had to put down our beloved cat, Whiskers. He had a tumor in his jaw and was unable to eat or drink. I cried for almost an entire week; I can't remember crying over anything as much as I wept for Whiskers.

I was going on 11 when we got him. The school secretary's neighbour had a litter of kittens who needed home, so I went with my mum and chose Whiskers. I picked him specifically because he tried to climb up the school secretary's leg and I thought it was hilarious. My brother came up with his name and at the time, we thought it was a wildly creative name for a cat.

Once home, Whiskers not only became a part of the Khan household, he became the youngest Khan child. He fought and played with me and my brother like siblings, but never dared pull any of the same stunts with my parents, whom he loved dearly and who loved him more.

Whiskers had a special bond with my dad and always preferred his company. When my dad came home from work, Whiskers would greet him at the door and the first thing my dad would do (before even taking his shoes and coat off) was spend a few minutes giving Whiskers some attention. Later in the evening when my dad settled in front of the TV after dinner, Whiskers was right there beside him, purring like mad and both of them unbelievably content. When my dad passed away, I'm positive Whiskers was as affected by it as the rest of us were.

I don't like talking about Whiskers, except once in a while when I admit to the Boy that I miss him, but today I'd like to wallow in his memory a bit by sharing some photos of him. I still ache for his rumbling purr and kitty halitosis and will never ever stop missing my first real pet.

Last I saw these two, neither looked as cute as they do here. ;)