Karachi: The Friendly Faces - Part 2

Returning to the town of your birth inevitably means meeting up with tons of relatives you haven't seen in years. This was no different for my trip back home and while I was nervous about reuniting with these people with whom I'd only had a relationship because of my mother, I found that my mother's sass and comfort with family had nicely rubbed off on me and I was able to converse and joke with the best of them.

I had a wonderful time and finally feel like these people are my family and not just my mother's family which makes me feel a lot less lonely in the world. Because I was there for such a short time, my grandmother planned a massive dinner party where everyone who was a blood relative of ours and lived in Karachi came to visit on the same night. I got to catch up with cousins I hadn't seen since I was a child and finally got to meet new cousins with whom I had developed relationships through Facebook and Twitter.

I even got a chance to meet one of my dad's very best friends who gave me the ultimate compliment when he said that I argued like my dad and also had his laugh. Honestly (and sadly), I don't remember what my Dad's laugh sounded like, but it's great knowing that a part of him literally lives in me.

These people are probably strangers to you and you won't care about them, but I wanted to post these photos because they are all such beautiful and lovely people in their own ways and deserve to be highlighted.

These photos are a mix of digital, iPhone and film shots.