Karachi: My Other Home - Part 1

I recently returned from a trip to the place of my birth, Karachi, Pakistan. I went to visit family mostly, but managed to do some street photography and even got a bunch of locals eager to pose for me much to my delight (and to the embarrassment of my 14-year-old cousin). 

We went to Sea View Beach where we played in the water, took tons of photos and I even rode a camel for the third time in the life. I made friends with the camel, whose name was Ranu, and was told Ranu took a liking to me. I had never stepped foot in the Arabian Sea and was surprised at how lovely and warm it felt! It was a wonderful time (despite the fact that my toe briefly got caught in a used condom floating in the water!).

Here's a collection of photos taken with my DSLR and my iPhone.