Dans and Cat

Earlier this year, my kid brother Danial married his long-time girlfriend and best friend, Catherine. Throughout my trip to the Carolinas, I snapped numerous shots of Catherine who (to my delight) was more than happy to be my model. 

On Christmas Day, I recruited her and Danial to be my models while they showed me around the property Catherine's family owns. While Catherine is wonderful to photograph, my brother is a pain because he hates having his picture taken so makes it as difficult as humanly possible to capture an image. Luckily, with Catherine and my coaxing, we were able to get my brother to behave long enough to get a bunch of photos of the happy couple.

I'm really proud of these photos and hope Dans and Cat enjoy them as well. :)

P.S. A handful of shots are from before and after Christmas day, but I threw them in because they were just too cute not to show. :)