Evan Frost Revisited

Evan Frost and I were made to be friends if only because I love taking photos of regular people and Evan loves being photographed. We met up a few weeks ago and I was able to take a bunch of photos of him at Toronto's Union Station.

Afterwards, we stopped by the World's Biggest Bookstore where we both used to work (and where we met, actually) because he wanted some photos of himself inside before it closed down. I followed him around with my camera while he incorrectly re-shelved books, took books out of their shrink wrap just for the hell of it and even wrote his name in a copy of a book he liked.

There isn't much else to say about these photos except that, as usual, I love them because they show EF as some sort of upscale man about town, which makes for a great allusion, but not for a great lifestyle, IMO.

These photos are all digital, taken with my Nikon DSLR.