Greg at the Distillery District

Greg is a friend of mine from my bookstore days and when I first met him he was sporting platinum blonde dreadlocks and a snarky attitude. Now, he's a young professional, devoting his time to volunteering for political campaigns about which he feels so strongly. His fashion sense has become enviable and he, basically, looks hot as all fuck with a mind to match.

I propositioned Greg to model for me because I was bored and am always seeking new models and he agreed, if only to give his ego a harmless boost. I decided to shoot him at the Distillery District and it was a great choice not only because Greg looked great there, but because he loved he area, too.

The following are the photos I took of Greg while we chewed the fat, caught up on each other's lives and basically wondered why we hadn't kept in touch more often over the years.

All photos were taken with my Nikon D3000.