The Limp Dick

You don’t care what people say, it’s equally frustrating and embarrassing for a woman when a guy can’t keep it up. Imagine being at your absolute horniest and seeking out some random guy whose face you’re willing to stand to look at while he’s atop and inside you, and then trekking all the way to his place just to get your fix. It begins promisingly with his penis standing at attention for you only to dwindle down like a stubborn, saggy sack that refuses to rouse. No matter how much you suck and tease it with your tongue, your hands, your tits, that sonuvabitch just refuses to salute you or your cunt. It has you working hard to please it, to inspire it and give it a reason to arise and still it just hangs there, unwilling to cooperate. The man it’s attached to grins apologetically and shrugs his shoulders. “I can’t control it,” he says and you glare at him in fury.

It doesn’t matter that it managed to be hard enough for a little while so you could be fucked because it’s the male ejaculation that you crave and that saggy bastard refuses to give you what you want. As if to add insult to injury, once it sags it plain refuses to get back up again for some reason. “You don’t have to ejaculate, just get hard and fuck me!” your cunt silently begs. “Don’t waste my arousal!” But that dick doesn’t give a damn.

Like its owner it eschews responsibility for itself and leaves you laying beside the man beginning to question your own attractiveness. Perhaps you’re not as sexy as you believed yourself to be. Perhaps all those guys who told you you were beautiful and lovely and sexy were all saying it in the throes of passion. Maybe you’re not at all the sex kitten you always thought you were.

“Sorry. This is really embarrassing,” the guy keep repeating as if that’s supposed to make you feel better. Clearly, deep down, there is something about you he finds ugly and as a result he is unwilling to fuck you. He has taken one look at you and changed his mind and is letting his dick voice what he’s too chicken to say. You are unattractive and undesirable. You feel exposed and vulnerable all of a sudden and wish to be dressed immediately to try to hide your ugly shame. Your creamy caramel skin and gentle curves no longer seem like a gift, but rather a curse that is doomed to deflate dicks indefinitely.

Closing your eyes, you run your fingers down to your crotch and begin playing with yourself, rubbing your clit in that specific way only you know how. You think of a previous lover who fucked you good and well, and remember the touch, the sounds, the mood of that moment and play on it to get yourself off. The orgasm, like any that you give yourself, is fabulous, but when you open your eyes and see the man beside you smiling at you with his limp cock in his hands, your euphoria melts away.

“That was really hot,” he grins. Then chuckles, drops his member and says, “I’m really sorry.”

“You should be,” you joke with a smile, but actually mean it. Swinging yourself off the bed you head to the bathroom and clean yourself up, then get dressed while this man makes casual small talk with you acting as if it’s all forgotten and forgiven. You engage in this mindless chatter, refusing to let your bruised ego show and you leave as soon as you’ve gathered your things. While walking down the hall towards the elevator, your cheeks glowing red to finally show your mortification, you strongly vow never to this suitor again.