Stronzo (rough)

When he started talking about how men should be the heads of the household and women should cater to their every whim, the staunch feminist in you cringed, but you didn’t get up and walk out on him as you would have on any other man because no other man is as beautiful as this creature. This Italian stallion with green eyes and black hair who hailed from Naples and talked of love and sex as mundane facts of life. This Adonis of a man who would have been too perfect for reality had he not one single snaggletooth that demoted him to the ranks of mere mortals. His ego was wild and his self confidence intimidating, but you were glued to your seat feeling like a traitor to your suffragette sisters as you eagerly nodded in agreement with all his outdated and chauvinistic comments.

They say that men tend to think with their dicks, but the lesser known truth is that women often think with their cunts, too. When faced with a man so impossibly beautiful that you couldn’t have dreamt him up if you tried, your mind sometimes forfeits the fight knowing full well it’s bound to lose. And that is the situation you find yourself in now, sitting across from this beauty as he pompously waxes misogynist while slurping back beer after beer. You nurse a whiskey sour and leer at him unable to get past his beauty and forcing yourself to ignore his words. After all, it’s not like you intend to marry this man or anything, so what’s wrong with a little appreciation of human beauty? And if that appreciation is reciprocated and leads to hot sex with this Latin lover, than so be it.

He’s telling you now how his father ruled their household with an iron fist and disowned his first born son for being gay. He’s laughing at the, admittedly creative, homophobic slurs his brother was forced to endure before finally running away never to be heard from again. “I hope he’s dead,” this black mark on humanity proudly tells you. “That’s the only way he’d stop being an embarrassment to us.” His accent is as thick as his eyebrows and and you find yourself endeared to him for this fact. You sip your drink and try to ignore your guilt at sitting there listening to this garbage and not saying otherwise. It won’t change how he thinks, you rationalize, so what’s the point?

When he smiles his snaggletooth becomes the star of his face and he gets a million little laugh lines all around his eyes, which crinkle into slits, but still sparkle. You blush as you imagine that smile atop of you in the throes of passion and unintentionally cross your legs tightly. He asks if you want to go out for a smoke and you agree, and while standing outside you sidle up as close to him as you can manage without seeming inappropriate. He smells strongly of beer and slightly of cologne. His midnight hair is fluttering in the spring wind and he continues to talk while smoking, gesticulating in the stereotypical way Italians are known to. He pauses to flick his cigarette butt away and as soon as you discard yours, he leans into you and plants an deep, aggressive kiss on you. You pull away speechless and with weakened knees while he just grins at you and takes your hand.

He leads you back into the bar and past your booth to the very back where the washrooms are located. As if having done this a million times before, he leads you into the women’s bathroom and into an empty stall and locks the door behind you. He then pushes you against the locked door and pins you there with another aggressive kiss, this time gently cradling your face as well. The juxtaposition of the aggression with the gentility turns you on and you clutch at his chest, wanting him more badly than you’ve ever wanted anyone else in your life.

Moving his hands down your throat to your chest — violently grabbing your breasts — to your hips, then sliding them back to your face again, he continues to kiss you, invading your mouth with his tongue and biting your lower lip so hard you feel it’ll bleed any second. Your hands have made their way down to his fly which you have undone and are now pulling his pants and boxers down to reveal his cock.

The Italian pulls away to show you his large, uncircumcised member which has burst free and stands erect, its tiny eye sizing you up. Grinning, your Adonis winks at you and then pushes the top of your head to bring you to your knees and in line with his cock. Without a second thought your take the whole thing in your mouth and suck and blow as if your life depended on it. You’ve never disappointed with your oral skills, but you want to ensure that you please this beautiful creature who has allowed you the privilege of sucking his cock.

When your pussy is throbbing so hard that you can no longer stand it, you rise up and push your lover down onto the toilet seat and, hitching up your skirt and removing your panties, you prepare to ride him. Common sense strikes you at the most opportune time and you say, “Put a condom on.” To your surprise, the fool shakes his head no and says he isn’t carrying any. Your heart plummets and you let your skirt drop back down. He doesn’t seem to be deterred though and pulls you to him by your hips, raising your skirt again and sticking his face into your soaking pussy making you groan.

You tangle your hands in his hair and thrust your hips at him, loving the feel of his tongue exploring his met intimate areas. The lack of condom suddenly seems like a stupid reason to eschew sex with this beast and you can’t tell when or if you’ll ever meet someone else as beautiful as him. You pull away from him and sit yourself down on his hard cock letting it fill you up and making you feel more complete than you have in days. You throw your head back and grind your hips, wanting his cock to touch every single inch of your insides. He buries his head in your breasts, kissing, licking, biting everywhere. Everything you hated about him suddenly matters not at all and you vaguely realize how sex is the one thing that brings people together. While you’re fucking someone you cease to care who they are or what they stand for and instead you become just two people who share some crucial moments of passion together.

Your thoughts are cut short when he pulls you off him and brings you down to suck his cock once more and you do it, savouring the flavours of your own cunt on his dick. He groans and moans and suddenly your mouth is filled with salty hotness and you keep sucking, swallowing everything he gives you, and drying him right up. When he’s all emptied out, you look up at him and he gins at you once more with that snaggletooth winking your way. You wipe your mouth, slip on your panties and smile back at him before unlocking the door and walking out, feeling like a million bucks and savouring the fact that the most beautiful human being is now a notch on your belt.