The Interruption (very rough)

When she asked to meet in a little coin operated laundromat I was skeptical at first, but then my intrigue took over. We had been chatting online for a few days and she ha already hooked me with her knockout looks and sexual liberation, so she could’ve asked me to meet in an abandoned slaughterhouse and I’d have eventually agreed. The laundromat was tiny and consisted of no more than five washers and three dryers which all stayed mute as I entered the join at our appointed time. I checked my watch nervously and for a split second considered the idea that I had been set up for some childish joke until the door opened behind me and she walked in, filling the room with an intoxicating scent of jasmine.

She grinned revealing a set of perfectly white teeth between blood red lips and undid her long winter coat to reveal nothing but a red teddy underneath. You are too good to be true, I thought in my head though my salivating mouth and hungry eyes probably gave me away. My eyes all but bulged out of my head and my cock out of my pants, and I watched as she sashayed towards me pushing me to the back of the room. Undoing my fly she freed my erect cock and before I could comprehend what she was doing, she had it in her mouth, her lipstick leaving beautiful stains all over the shaft. She took me whole, teased me with an expert tongue and fondled my balls while i employed every nerve in my body to avoid exclaiming my pleasure out loud. I was bent over backwards on one of the dryers and her hands were everywhere seemingly all at once: on my balls, my chest, my thighs, and even on her own breasts and clit.

“I’m going to cum,” I muttered suddenly and as soon as the words hit her ears she pulled my cock out of her mouth and left me hanging on the edge. She grinned wickedly and looked stunning with her hair all perfect and her lipstick smeared all over her mouth. Standing up she pressed herself up onto me and grabbing my head brought it in for a tantalizing kiss. Our tongues mingled and my sensitive cock stirred with pleasant discomfort every time her body brushed against it. I fondled evert part of her I could get my hands on and when I moved down to her wet pussy she let out a loud groan which aroused the hell out of me. I went right in, fucking her with my fingers and she clutched at my shoulders, pressing so hard that her nails dug into my skin even through my heavy winter coat. She stared at me while I fingered her and I watched her beautiful face contort in pleasure and thrilled when she threw her head back and began shouting in unison with squirting all over my hand and the floor.

Without a moment to breath, she climbed on to the dryer and lowered herself on my cock, but before we could get any thrusts in the door to the laundromat flew open and a burly man stood in the doorway, blocking it almost completely.

“You lying whore!” he thundered and she scrambled off me and did up her coat with clumsy fingers.

“Who is that?” I asked, more angry than afraid at that point until she threw me an apologetic glance and answered, “My husband.”

My dick went soft and I scrambled off the dryer and zipped up my pants, suddenly terrified for my safety. He’s going to beat the fucking shit out of me, I kept thinking and began trying to figure out alternative exits from the tiny laundromat. But it was unnecessary because my date, unfazed and strutting over to her husband, said to him, “Keep your fucking voice down,” before taking the fuming ape by the hand and shooting me a wink and a smile over her shoulder on her way out.