The Betrayal

She was wound up tight and she needed a fix. She could feel the sadness clouding in on her and she knew the one sure fire way to keep it at bay, at least for a few more days. A good fuck was always the solution. It was the answer to so many of life’s problems and she utilized this natural medicine as much as she could. It never failed her. And so, there she sat on her bed watching her lover walk up to her with slow calculated steps, like a cat hunting its prey. This silver fox possessed skilled hands and a skilled tongue, and enjoyed every moment of sex. Like her, he loved the smells, the sounds, the sights, the tastes of copulation and savoured it all.

He began by stripping off her pants and stuffing his face in her cunt, lapping up her juices and making her squirm. He licked and sucked and teased, but the promised orgasm wouldn't come. She started feeling anxious, like something was wrong. Why couldn’t she come? Why was it taking so long? Getting frustrated she sat up and pulled her lover’s face to hers, kissing him deeply. “Let’s fuck,” she ordered and he threw his head back and laughed, his greying hair floating back from his forehead. “Now there’s a request I can’t turn down!” he guffawed.

He stripped her down completed and pulled her on top of him, sliding her onto his thick, hard cock. She gyrated, twirled and bounced her hips smiling at the fact that she finally got what she had been wanting. The drug she had come to rely on, the world’s best antidepressant. Her lover teased her thrusting hard and fast one minute and then agonizingly sow the next. She rode him, secretly wanting him to come because that was always her favourite part, but instead she found herself cumming, over and over, clear liquid gushing out of her every time that cock massaged her special spots.

And suddenly the euphoria melted. Suddenly she was looking down on herself being fucked and felt nothing. She wasn’t glad or sad or anything specific. She was just empty. Her lover continued to fuck her and she made all the right sounds; he stuck his index finger into her tight asshole and she shivered with the still foreign sensation. She was all filled up and she felt completely empty. She looked down at his face contorting with pleasure, his eyes leering up at her in greedy satisfaction and she wanted to run away from him, from the life she had made for herself, from herself.

This isn’t supposed to happen, she wailed internally, this is supposed to make things better not worse! He flipped her over and began fucking her from on top and within seconds came inside her, filling her barren womb with his sperm. He spasmed multiple times while still inside her and she held on to him with a faraway stare until he rolled over and lay down beside her. She lit a cigarette and smoked it in silence while he promptly fell asleep, peace apparent on his resting features. She thought about how she had been betrayed for the first time by sex: her saviour. She was supposed to have felt better and more like herself after, but instead she sat there with tears streaming down her face, unsure of her entire sense of being.