The Simplest Fuck

Two tokes of the joint and he pounced on her, clutching fistfuls of her hair and controlling the position of her head while he thrust his tongue into her mouth. His tongue stud was a refreshing burst of cold inside her hot mouth and she groped for his arms, feeling the smooth, lean biceps bulge from the strength of his hold on her.

He pulled her on top of him so she was straddling him on the living room couch. Leaving her hair his hands shimmied down her back and caught a handful of her ass. He loved that ass: its tightness, its roundness, how perfectly it fit into his palm. He squeezed its perfection, deliberately being extra rough to see if she'd object. She let out a whimper of pain, but didn't stop him. Instead she stared down at him while he groped and fondled her, both of them knowing there’d bruises within hours.

She kissed him, pressing her body hard into him and he snaked one hand to the front and clutched at her breast, pinching her nipple. She moaned at the pain into his mouth and he only squeezed harder until she was whimpering. He used her ass and her breast to guide her into grinding up on him, pulling and pushing the sensitive and now tender skin of both areas. She bit her lip and threw back her head, hating to love the pain, hating to love being told what to do with her body without the use of a single word. She tangled her hands in his hair and he suddenly pulled her so close that it was almost a tender moment. She kept it from being one by grinding into him harder and faster, her legs wrapped around his waist now, clutching him to her, possessing him.

Suddenly he was standing and he carried her across the apartment to his bedroom. He threw her down on the bed and yanked off her tights and panties and before she could react he was on top of her, holding her arms down by her head. She struggled against him knowing he'd tighten his hold if she did and grew increasingly wet at being under his control. He freed one arm to reach over and grab the restraints he kept attached to his headboard: cloth cuffs, one of which he secured around one wrist and then reached over to do the same with the other. She fought against him, whimpering and moaning in make-believe distress, and the more she fought the rougher he was with her and the rougher he was with her, the more she was aroused. Once she was secured, he stared down at her with lustful mischief in his eyes and a chill ran through her. She groaned and struggled against her bonds and then used her legs to push him away. This was their signal to start the game.

He held on to her thighs and pried her closed legs apart while she struggled against him. He held her legs apart with his knees and ran his fingers across her dripping cunt which was only getting wetting and wetter, and he thrust three fingers in without warning. She yelped and writhed harder and purposely whimpered louder and louder the more he fucked her with his fingers. Suddenly he pulled them out and brought them to her face, making her suck her own  juices off.

He got up to undress and she took this time to close her legs tightly, biting her lip to keep a smile from escaping she moaned and feigned a struggle on his bed. He watched her while he undressed and just seeing her at his mercy could have send him over the edge, but he kept in control and brought out a roll of duct tape. Upon seeing the roll of silver she moaned louder, shaking her head in exaggerated distress which her greedy, smiling eyes betrayed, and he grinned as he tore of a piece and brought it to her mouth. A moan of genuine contentment escaped at the feel of the tape sealing her lips closed and when he tore off another piece she pretended to fight him off. But he was stronger than her and in control and he plastered it to her mouth, pressing down to ensure it was securely in place before hiking up her dress and prying her legs apart once more.

This time he brought his face to her pussy and inhaled her scent before flicking out his tongue and devouring her. She groaned and mumbled into her tape gag, loving the newfound freedom of being able to yell as loudly as she wanted without being heard. He ate her out fingered her, and she felt the freest she'd ever felt, lying there bound, gagged and under his absolute control. When she came it was with muffled screams and while she caught her breath he slipped on a condom with agile eagerness and towered over her.

He looked down at the shining eyes under the furrowed brow and she stared back at him, affection apparent between them. She pretended to kick him off her still staring at him and moaning through her gag and he held her down and inserted himself in her. She wailed through the gag and he fucked her, unable to take his eyes off her helpless form, believing her to be perfectly beautiful in that instance.  She returned his look, her eyes shouting things her mouth wouldn't say, and feeling a sense of euphoria solely for being in the vulnerable position she was in.

He fucked her and it was the first time they had fucked with mutual emotion. This wasn't just a screw, but it wasn't making love either. It was simply sex -- unhinged, uninhibited sex: the simplest fuck and therefore the most satisfying.