The Indomitable Glory of Being

When a guy was eating her out, she liked to look out the window, if possible For some reason, cunnilingus never did anything for her and when she did allow her lovers to go down on her it was always at their request ad turned them on more than it did her. So, while her vaginal juices were being lapped up by some eager tongue, she took he time to rest and think.

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The Limp Dick

You don’t care what people say, it’s equally frustrating and embarrassing for a woman when a guy can’t keep it up. Imagine being at your absolute horniest and seeking out some random guy whose face you’re willing to stand to look at while he’s atop and inside you and then trekking all the way to his place just to get your fix. It begins promisingly with his penis standing at attention for you only to dwindle down like a stubborn, saggy sack that refuses to rouse.

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The Fucktoy (rough)

Kneeling on the bed with her arms taped behind her and her panties stuffed in her mouth, she thought back to the previous day when she had first met him. He’d waited for her at the streetcar stop and when she had disembarked the vehicle he had walked over with the softest smile and they had embraced in the most innocent of hugs. They walked to her favourite bar and spent the next five hours engrossed in only each other. The alcohol kept flowing and while it loosened her tongue and body, he remained in strict control of himself. When he suddenly went quiet she poked his shoulder and asked him where he went.

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J.D. and Me: A Love Story (rough - maybe unfinished)

My life has become so that by three o’clock in the afternoon I am chugging black coffee in a wild attempt to get sober. Yesterday, I accidentally broke my bottle of Jack Daniel’s in the bathroom of my therapist’s office and I was more upset that I lost a decent amount of good whisky than with what the staff would think when they walked into a bathroom reeking of liquor. Low on funds and awaiting my nest unemployment cheque meant I couldn’t buy another bottle straight away, so I spent the rest of the day chain smoking cigarettes with shaking hands.

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The Cuckold (very rough)

“I want to fuck you and then leave you.”

I thought that was self-explanatory, but my lover did not take the hint. Maybe all the blood that should have been pumping to his brain had already made its way down to his dick, which was pressing up against my thigh while I stood pinned to the wall of his bedroom. His hands seemed to have multiplied since we met at the bar an hour ago and were on my tits, my ass, my face, seemingly all at once.

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The Elusive Fuck (rough)


You can feel the itch starting, the one that masturbation alone just won’t satisfy. The itch that begins  in your groin but then quickly moves throughout your body until all you can think about is your urgent need to get laid. You need a good, hard cock in your cunt to alleviate the anxiety that has begun to grow. You need to fuck.


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Portrait Of A Friend I Once Had

A homeless man said to me, “Spare a cigarette, love?” as I walked by. The dog sitting by him looked up and tilted its head as if awaiting my response.

“They’re menthol. Do you care?” I asked as I presented the open cigarette case to him.

“Nah,” he shook his head and took a one. “It’ll freshen my breath.” He winked. I laughed and walked on.

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