The Innocence

No one had ever referred to Janice as sexy. This wasn’t a surprise for while Janice possessed the common traits of beauty there was always something about her that screamed innocence. In her youth Janice prided herself on this vocal trait, but as she grew into her twenties and continued to be seen as only cute and innocent she began a great resentment for it.
    “It’s because you’re a virgin.” This statement, uttered by a co-worker and close friend, came as a surprise to Janice. Later, when she reflected on it, it didn’t seem so illogical.
    “I want to shed this image of innocence I’ve got trailing me,” she told the same co-worker and friend.
    “Well, then find someone to have sex with.”
    In theory this was not a difficult task. All that was needed was a willing man and a willing woman. Janice was already halfway there, but the problem arose in finding that second half. Like I said, Janice was blessed with all the traits of beauty but the predicament was her inability to find men attractive. It was easy for her to look at a celebrity and be physically attracted to him, but she had not felt that way about a man in real life since she’d hit puberty. Her post-puberty romantic history consisted of her first love, Larry, with whom nothing had developed because he did not reciprocate her feelings, and her first and only boyfriend, Rob, who she met at work and had dumped because he talked too much.
    There had been many other men who showed great interest in getting to know her better, but Janice was ever amused with them past the first date. She held a torch for Larry and, having remained close friends with him, considered him to be the first candidate for popping her cherry.
    “I just want to get rid of it,” she told him one day and Larry, after the shock wore off, said he’d be more than happy to.
    Janice never knew it but the request had pleased Larry beyond words. He had never felt any romantic feelings for Janice but, being a warm-blooded man, he knew a attractive girl when he saw one. He’d always privately considered Janice the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen and had been flattered when she had admitted her feelings for him. He saw it as an honour that this object of the highest beauty wanted him to deflower her and vowed to treat her with the same care one would treat a priceless work of art.
    Despite Janice’s obvious beauty and the innocence that seeped from her, Janice was a bundle of surprises. Rob had been the only one to see her as she possibly wished to be seen. She had hated it when he kissed her gently and would tease and taunt him until he all but attacked her with an untamed passion, which she preferred. Had she not dumped him, he would have vowed to take her virginity in the forceful and animalistic manner she’d have loved. But since their breakup Janice kept a safe distance from him, as if she was embarrassed to have ever been linked to him at all.


    Larry stared down at Janice’s semi naked body in a moment of awe. He leaned over her and ran his hands over the warm, smooth surface of her torso, wallowing blissfully in the fact that he was the first to ever tread there. He didn’t rush anything and took his happy time enjoying the body he had known of for years, but had never seen so openly. He’d often imagined what Janice might look like naked, but even his most vivid or favourite interpretation didn’t come anywhere close to the reality that was lying underneath him at that moment. Though Janice’s body was nowhere near an ideal body Larry loved it at first sight. It was the body of the average young woman complete with occasional overly soft bits, random birthmarks and even a few scars from the chicken pox. Larry couldn’t remember when all his senses had been so thrilled before.
    Janice lay under him, watching him as he tenderly devoured her body with his hands, eyes and mind and sighed with boredom. Her own undying feelings for Larry were the only thing keeping her turned on.
    “Hurry it up will you, Larry?” she whispered wriggling under him.

    Some weeks later found Janice sitting on the edge of the bathtub with puffy, red eyes as she stared down at the results of a home pregnancy test.