Zach (rough)

When I entered his apartment I only had time to drop off my purse before his hands were all over me, admiring my dress and the red heels I wore. "You look like you could bake me a pie," he joked before grabbing a fistful of my hair and kissing me. He always started out gentle and sweet until he couldn't take it anymore.

He turned me around and pushed me against the wall, making me bend over so my ass was sticking out. Groping it first through my dress, he then lifted my skirt to expose it. Clad only in a leopard print thong, my buttcheeks stood naked and his hands roamed them, pinching and even biting hard enough to make me squeal. He always teased at the beginning because he knew I hated it.

I was ordered to keep my heels on and go to his bedroom, and I obeyed like the good little slut I am. At the foot of his bed I stood patiently with my hands behind my back like an innocent as he strolled up to me.

"You're hands are already in place," he grinned and I nodded smiling.

"How long have to you been waiting to be tied up?" he asked.

"All day."

"Well I won't keep you waiting any longer," he stated, spinning me around and binding my wrists behind my back. I could feel my panties soaking through and more so when he took hold of my hair and brought his mouth to mind, his other hand groping my tits. I moaned into his mouth, already getting off on the helplessness I was feeling: a good little whore at the mercy of a man who was going to have his way with me and make my cunt unusable for any other guy for days to come. That was his promise and I couldn't wait.

He pushed me onto my back and hitched up my skirt, prying my legs apart and stuffing his face in my cunt, smelling my arousal, basking in it. He touched me everywhere but on my pussy, driving me crazy so I writhed around moaning. He pulled my thong off and stuck it against his nose, inhaling the scene of my juices which had been flowing for most of the day as I anticipated this.

"It smells so good," he groaned and then brought the thong to my face, making me smell my own wetness. "I bet it tastes good, too," he added stuffing it into my mouth and sealing it in with a strip of duct tape. I moaned through this gag, my wetness mixing with my saliva and the only noises coming from me being the helpless moans of a fucktoy.

My cunt was soaking, much to his delight, but he still only barely touched me, revelling instead in my impatience. My hips thrusting up towards him and my throbbing clit begging for his fingers. Every time I arched my hips up to him he shoved them down and continued teasing, smiling at my utterly helpless form, totally and completely at his mercy.

He walked away and returned a minute later and suddenly I felt not his fingers or his cock, but the cool smoothness of a dildo, refreshing against my hot wetness. He fucked me with it, agonizingly slowly and I moaned and cried with frustration into my gag, unable to do anything but live the teasing torture he was inflicting on me.

And then suddenly he shoved it in and I yelped. The dildo entered me fully and I groaned in pleasure thinking there could be no better feeling until it began vibrating inside me, massaging every nook of my cunt. He fucked me with that vibrating beast, hitting the sweet, sweet spot until I ejaculated over and over again, screaming expletives and covering him with my fountain. He laughed and joked about my marking my territory before removing his clothes and climbing on top of me.

I played up the damsel in distress act, moaning and writing under him while my cunt thrust up towards his dick begging to be fucked properly, like a good like whore. But he wouldn't give in and instead stuck his fingers in me, fucking me with his digits until I squirted all over again.

He then shifted me so my head was hanging off the edge of the bed. He stood over me and ungagged me and I happily took his cock into my mouth, taking it as deeply as it would go, choking and gagging on it while his hands groped my tits and my wrists twisted against their bonds. I was totally and utterly at his mercy, a slave to him, his to do with as he pleased. He fucked my mouth allowing me short breaks to gasp for air before putting my mouth to work again.

"It's a small mouth, but you use it well," he complimented and I smiled. Sucking cock was a natural skill of mine and one I was proud to possess.

He walked away suddenly and I lay there, panting and writhing. I felt the weight on the bed shift and he was on top of me again, there to give me what I was craving the most: his cock in my cunt. He slid it in, slowly, still teasing me. "I love how desperate for it you are," he kept saying which only made me whimper and bring him closer to me by wrapping my legs around his torso, my red heels digging into his back, but he resisted and kept control, fucking me only as he wanted to fuck me.

He slowly sped up and at the same time started going in deeper, until he was pounding me, making me yelp with every thrust. His hand clamped down on my mouth leaving me helpless beyond belief, at his complete mercy. I kept moaning and screaming into his hand and he kept thrusting, pounding, fucking, treating me like the little slut he knew I really was.

He pulled out only to flip me on to my front and inserted his cock from behind. Grabbing a fistful of my hair with one hand and clamping the other over my mouth, he leaned down and whispered in my ear: "Now it's really like I'm raping you." I groaned, turned on beyond belief, and more satisfied that I'd been in weeks.

He flipped me over on to my back again and fucked me so deep I thought I felt it in my stomach. My heels were bouncing in the air and my cunt was starting to feel the tender pain of overuse when he inserted the dildo along with his dick, making it the first time I'd experienced double penetration. The dildo vibrating, his cock hitting my g-spot, my hands tied, my mouth gagged by one of his hands, his free hand fucking my anus: every part of me was filled to the brim, every bit of me was being used, I was nothing more than a cumslut and I fucking loved it.

When he was about to cum, he let everything go and released his hot cum all over my stomach and chest. I lay there, still bound and covered in cum, smiling. There was no better place for me than at the mercy of a man who used me, treated me like a filthy whore, who took what he wanted from me as if he didn't care a damn about what I wanted.

But I wanted all this and I always got what I wanted.