kneeling on the bed with her arms taped behind her and her panties stuffed in her mouth, she thought back to the previous day when she had first met him. he’d waited for her at the streetcar stop, and when she had disembarked the vehicle he had walked over with the softest smile; they had embraced in the most innocent of hugs. they walked to her favourite bar and spent the next five hours engrossed in only each other. the alcohol kept flowing and while it loosened her tongue and body, he remained in strict control of himself. when he suddenly went quiet she poked his shoulder and asked him where he went.

“i was just thinking that I’d like to kiss you,” he replied and she reddened. she told him that he was more than welcome to and he smiled that soft smile again, but it was another hour before he finally did it. wrapping one hand around her small neck and cradling her chin in his thumb and index fingers, he brought his mouth to hers. his lips were as soft as his smile, but his tongue moved with a confidence that didn’t show in his person. when he pulled away he turned his face and chugged his beer, ignoring the daze in which he’d left her. she was hooked.

now she sat trussed up on his bed, watching from the corners of her eyes as he walked around the bed admiring her. while she had been disrobed completely he was still in his civvies, and the extreme sense of vulnerability and arousal she got from being at his mercy was indescribable. she moved her jaw to rearrange the panties in her mouth, tasting more of her juices in the process and watched him stop directly in front of her. cupping her face he leaned in and said, “are you all right?” and she nodded, blushing at his concern. his face remained unchanged and he picked up the nikon that sat on his bedside table. “may i take some photos of you?” he asked and when she nodded in the affirmative, he brought the camera to his face and began snapping away, circling her and catching every angle of her delicious powerlessness.

in moments like this she couldn’t help but feel like the most beautiful creature in existence, exposed literally and figuratively, and the object of admiration and lust. she thought of the photos he was taking and how he would look at them and remember her and feel pleased that he had been allowed to dominate her totally. he’d smile to himself and glow with pride at being trusted with the sensitive task of empowering this beautiful woman and revel in the memory of her satisfaction.  

she was so lost in her own thoughts that she hardly noticed that he had put the camera down, stripped and was behind her, cutting the tape off her wrists. it was when he grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back that she gasped in surprise and he swiftly removed the panties and kissed her, his free hand around her neck like the day before. his hand left her neck only to slide down the length of her body straight to her cunt, which was dripping with arousal, and briefly teased her tiny clit before sliding back up again. he pulled his mouth away and pushed her down on all fours, still holding her by the hair, and rammed his dick into her pussy making her shout, “oh, fuck yes — yes!” before his hand clamped over her mouth. she continued to shout into his palm, the words coming out in lovely muffles that turned both of them on. he pounded into her over and over again, and when he finally came he released her and let out a growl before biting into her shoulder so hard that it made her scream.

they both lay together for a minute—he atop her—breathing hard. he rolled over on to his back and lit a cigarette while she turned on her side and propped her head up to watch him. his creamy skin was glistening slightly and his eyes were dark and beady and avoided contact with hers. not a word was exchanged while they lay there: he lost in his own thoughts and she watching every twitch of his body with uncontrolled interest. when he finished his cigarette, he got up and walked over to the dresser across from his bed. she didn’t move until he was at the foot of the bed and said, “come here.” she crawled to him and stood on her knees as he took her wrists together and began to bind them tightly with a length of climbing rope.

now tightly bound and already soaking once more she tested her bonds and smiled up at him. his face didn’t change and he forced her down on all fours and stuck his semi-erect dick in her mouth. he fucked her throat, his fists entangled in her hair and she took every inch of him, gagging on his cock, but loving that she was able to please him. and please him she did for his moans and grunts exposed his pleasure. instead of coming in her mouth like she had hoped he would, he suddenly pulled himself out and switched positions so that he was on top of her, pinning her bound wrists above her head. as soon as he entered her, her moans of pleasure (which she had never been able to keep to herself) began crowding the room. he stopped fucking her to reach over and pick up a roll of duct tape, rip off a piece and paste it over her mouth before she could fathom what was happening.

Now securely bound, gagged and at his total mercy, she succumbed to that coveted sensation of total helplessness and the welcomed usurpation of control. she was his to do with as he pleased and what he pleased was to fuck her silently while she lay writhing under him, exposed and defenceless. watching her underneath him sent him over the edge and he came sooner than expected, once again releasing a growl and biting down on her thigh which had been pulled up around his ears. she moaned in welcomed pain through her gag which he ignored as he pulled out and collapsed beside her. Leaving her laying there bound and gagged, he caught his breath and lit another cigarette.

feeling more helpless than before she tested her bounds once again and turned her head to see him staring at her while he smoked. she whimpered through her gag and, while his expression didn’t change, his cock responded with excitement. struggling against her bonds and whimpering at him, playing up the damsel in distress angle for both their enjoyment, she found herself more aroused than she had been all night. her bound wrists reached down between her legs to her tender, throbbing clit, and began giving it the attention it was craving. he continued to smoke his cigarette, watching her fingers work her clit in just the right way––the way only she knew how to work it––and felt his cock growing again.

her whole body fell into step and she writhed, struggled and moaned en route to the inevitable orgasm: the furiously perfect expression of her arousal. the self-gifted orgasm that paled in comparison to any a man could provide because it was the cumulative result of the exact right combination of thoughts and touch. it was a recipe only she knew and she could never adequately share, so at that moment when she lay beside him bound, gagged and touching herself, the orgasm that erupted from her was so powerful that it left her shaking with the release. but she didn’t have time to wallow in the afterglow because as soon as she orgasmed she felt his cock fucking her again and she fell into moaning with pleasure anew at the juxtaposition of these two very different but equally desired feelings.

he fucked her, staring at and almost more interested in her face, which had been a screen that displayed the reactions of her masturbation, her orgasm and now her fucking in swift succession and he clamped his hand over her taped mouth knowing it would only drive her to further arousal and cause her to moan and whimper louder. He was right and she opened her eyes to stare at him, her brows creased in agonized ecstasy making her look like the ideal damsel in distress, a sight he had been waiting patiently to see since he saw her step off the streetcar the day before.

he pounded her, harder and faster than before and watched her face as she came again and again, enjoying it more for being the cause of her satisfaction. when he finally came this time, he bit her neck and she whimpered into her gag. still inside her, he looked down at her and she looked up with smiling eyes and he was suddenly overcome with affection and respect for this woman who was so uninhibited and unashamed of her wants and desires. he kissed her forehead, her cheek and then her taped mouth, before gently removing the tape and kissing her lips.