from the moment he watched her step off the streetcar clad in that flowing dress with her dark hair fluttering about her shoulders and her red-tinted lips curved up in a smile, he knew he had to have her. his cock began stirring at the simple sight of her walking his way in a cloud of innocence and he wanted nothing more than to extinguish that innocence as soon as possible. when she approached him it took everything he had to greet her with only a simple hug and when they settled at the bar and the alcohol loosened her up, he was even more attracted to her than he ever thought possible.

when she caught him staring at her, lost in his own perverted thoughts, and poked his shoulder asking where he went, he slipped out of his dirty fantasies and answered her. “i was just thinking that I’d like to kiss you.” it wasn’t the total truth, but it wasn’t far from it either. she responded by reddening slightly and telling him he was more than welcome to. he smiled back at her, amused that she thought she was in a position of control. if he had really wanted, he would have pinned her to her seat and fucked her mouth right then and there, he rest of the patrons be damned. instead, he sipped his beer and and indulged in chit chat, making her wait in anticipation for the kiss that was to come.

with one hand wrapped around her small neck, cradling her chin with his thumb and forefinger, he brought his lips to hers and pressed his tongue through to explore her mouth. she was a good kisser, with skills that betrayed her innocent persona and he felt his cock stirring again. he pulled away suddenly and turned to his beer, dimly aware of her sitting slightly agog beside him.

when he fucked her the following night, she was the most perfect fucktoy. She took everything he gave her and forfeited total control of her body to him. he bound her, gagged her, fucked her and she freed her sexual self and kept nothing a secret. somehow, she knew just how to entice him: eagerly sucking his cock with that small, experienced mouth of hers, happily taking her soaking panties in her mouth and standing on display just for him, playing up the damsel in distress act, letting him take photos of her in her helplessness, using her bound wrists to masturbate into a shuddering orgasm, crying out for his dick with her tight, constantly slick pussy. he may have controlled her physically, but unbeknownst to her, she had controlled him in every other way.

for days afterwards he couldn’t get her out of his mind. he played and replayed that night of filthy passion over and over again in his head, masturbated almost exclusively to thoughts and the photos of her she had allowed him to take, imagined he was fucking her when he was with his other women. but none of the other women compared to her somehow. none of the other women seemed as liberated, as in tune to the act as she had been. to her, it had been a full-body experience: she had allowed not only her body to go free, but also her mind. she thoroughly enjoyed every moment of their time in bed and he began to realize the difference that made. to the other women, sex seemed to be something that ,could be bartered that needed to be done in order to get what they wanted. none of them fucked for the sake of fucking––for the pure ecstatic joy of it.

the next time he fucked her, he found himself shy and nervous for the first time ever. he who had maintained a successful reputation as a ladies’ man found himself at a loss of confidence for the first time ever. she floated about his apartment comfortably, a cigarette burning in one hand and a tumbler of whisky in the other, smiling and swaying slightly to the big band jazz record she had slipped on. he watched her from his place on the couch and felt his heart beating for the first time and his cock stirring every time she swayed close enough for him to smell her scent of strawberries.

she collapsed beside him finally and exclaimed, “i love your apartment!” he only smiled in return and watched her examine the room. she chugged her whisky and put out her cigarette and he followed suit, setting their classes on the coffee table and grabbing her neck to pull her in for a kiss. her hands snaked around his shoulders and tangled in his hair for a second before he grabbed her wrists and clutched them together in one hand. with the other hand he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled to expose her neck where he began to nibble and suck while she writhed under him, releasing moans that made his cock come alive.

he pushed her down on her back, hiked up her dress and spread her legs apart, surprised and pleased to see she had decided against panties. he slid one hand across the length of her cunt which was already soaking and thrust two fingers in making her moan even more. removing the slick fingers he shoved them in her mouth and she sucked her own juices while he brought his mouth to her pussy and did the same. she groaned loudly and began gyrating her hips, wrapping her thighs around his head and tangling her fingers in his hair. he ate her out to orgasm, his fingers gripped her thighs, her hips, her tits hard enough that bruises were inevitable. he thrived on her zealous vocals and briefly wondered what the neighbours would think, which only excited him more and he worked to pleasure her so she’d scream. he began thrusting his fingers into her cunt while he teased her clit and felt all the blood rushing to his cock at the increased volume of her moans and the beautifully shrill scream of her orgasm coupled with the sputtering gush of the ejaculation.

as soon as she came, she pulled his face up to hers and kissed it, allowing his and her spit to mix into a delicious cocktail with her various juices which remained on his mouth. still clothed, he humped her and teased her, pinning her arms above her head when she tried to undo his pants. he thrust her hips up at him, beginning to whimper and try to escape his hold just so she could stick his dick in her eager pussy.

“what do you want?” he taunted her as he stared down at her flushed face. her eyes were wide and her brows furrowed while her hair lay spreading a dark halo around her head. her small wrists were tightly clasped in his hand while the other gripped her chin making her look right at him. “tell me what you want.”

“i want your cock,” she gasped. “please let me have your cock.”

“beg for it,” he ordered, slowly moving over her again and loving the agonized desperation in which he was putting her.

“please, please, please fuck me,” she whispered continuing to thrust her hips upward. “please let me have your cock. please fuck me.”

freeing her chin he swiftly undid his pants, let out his hard, throbbing cock and in the middle of her second “please fuck me,” he obliged her desire. she visibly relaxed; her eyes fluttered closed and a smile strolled onto her mouth and he thrust himself into her tight pussy. she grinned and thrust in time with him, forcing him to pound her harder and deeper.

“fuck, yes!” she shouted over and over again and he released her wrists to grab her in a hug, pulling their bodies tightly together. she wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck, pulling him to her as if wanting him to melt right into her body. when she came it was in succession and she bit down on his shoulder sending a spasm of welcomed pain through him. he growled and thrust harder and faster unable to keep his own orgasm at bay and when he finally came he threw his head back and roared before pouncing on her neck with bared teeth and chomped down hard enough to break a the skin.

gasping for air they both lay tangled in each other, his face buried in her neck which had a surprisingly welcomed smell of strawberries and sweat. she released her nails from his back, unaware that she had even scratched him and that’s when he raised his face to look at her. she was smiling again, that same smile she gave him after the first time they had fucked. the smile that showed not a single ounce of shame or regret; the smile that all but told him that she was the happiest she’d been in a long time. he stared at her a minute feeling something stirring in him and was appalled when he felt himself blushing. she caressed his hair then lifted her head and kissed him––it was the first time she had initiated one––and he kissed her back with weakened lips.