Crescent Moon Shining Over the Crescent City

Walking down Burgundy
With jazz in my ear,
Reeling from the balm of alcohol.

The feeling of peace is in my soul,
A cig in my mouth
And no burden on my shoulders.
I wonder why this can’t be permanent.

I walk the dark streets
Making my way home
Content to be
All alone.
For once, solitude does not equal
and I don’t give a damn about
He or Him or His

All melancholia has washed away:
This city is the soap and water
I desperately needed.

My eyes fight to stay open
To enjoy this euphoric state
That my ego needs.
I am at peace.

How did I survive before it? and
How will I go on from here?

I’m currently wise enough to know
Not to question a good thing.
Let me deal with my sorrows in the
Harsh light of day.
For right now — on this night —
I am free.